Our Giecom Family

Jodi Robinson - Editor
Jodi started in 2001 as a novice and today she has taken on the role of Editor of Isledegrande.Com. Jodi has also been hired by the Town of Grand Island as their newest Town Historian. She updates and maintains Isledegrande and all the current Advertising. Feel free to give her a call 773-6789 or Email her with any news or Advertising questions.

Kim Schopp Kalman
Kim is responsible for domain registration, and search engine optimization in addition to website updating and managing our eBay store. Although her primary role is managing the 50+ domains of raru, she is ready help out with our GIECOM clients. Like most of our staff she started with HTML basics and understands how the code works. Feel free to give her a call or Email her, she will be glad to help. Working with Kim is a parent's dream!

Chip Schopp Software Developer
Chip has been helping us with our database management systems for many years. He has created many of the programs that make our systems run smoothly. It is one of those things that are critical to making things happen. Chip also runs his own software development company Pondview Software and plays a little bass trombone. Chip lives in Bolton, Massachusetts.

Reg M. Schopp - Marketing Consultant
In his college years computer programming was fun, and now writing HTML is just another way for him to show off the wonderful product deSignet creates. Reg is a Islander through and through and started Isledegrande.com in 1997 by connecting hundreds of old friends with its Email Directory and Grad List. Reg has accomplished his dream, providing Grand Island, New York with online news.

Giecom.net is located at 1871 Whitehaven Road, Grand Island, NY 14072

We can be reached by phone at 716-773-6789.